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VI. Mülkiye International Relations Congress
NATO and Turkey

13-14 October 2022






The Department of International Relations of the Faculty of Political Science of Ankara University is pleased to announce the 6th Mülkiye International Relations Congress, which will take place between 13 and 14 October 2022. The series of Mülkiye Congresses are peer-reviewed academic events annually bringing together policymakers, academicians, Ph.D. Candidates in the Faculty of Political Science (Mülkiye) premises in Ankara provide an academic environment where views are exchanged freely on specific aspects of the International Relations discipline.


The debate on the origins of the Cold War is still a lively topic in the International Relations literature. The establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which institutionalized the political and military cooperation of the Western Bloc, is nevertheless an undeniable fact for being one of the turning points of the Cold War. The foreign policy of each state has been affected by joining the Alliance, just as each enlargement of NATO determines politics among allies. In the post-Cold War period, NATO's area of responsibility and enlargement policy have been important issues in world politics. Understanding NATO requires analyzing its relations with other states outside the Alliance as well as the organization itself. In this respect, issues such as NATO's relations with the Warsaw Pact and the other states outside the Alliance, its role in the bipolar and multipolar world order, and the transformation of alliance strategy and Transatlantic cooperation are to struggle new security challenges are important topics in understanding NATO. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg notes the importance of the Alliance in world politics by stating that: “NATO is not only the longest lasting Alliance in history, but NATO is the most successful Alliance in history.”


On 18th February 2022, NATO will mark the 70th anniversary of the first enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which enabled Turkey and Greece to join the Alliance. To commemorate this milestone and address contemporary issues regarding the future of the Alliance, the title of the 6th of the Mülkiye International Relations Congress has been determined as “NATO and Turkey”.


Proposals of presentation (700-1000 words; either in Turkish or English) or panel regarding these themes below are to be submitted to info@mulkiyeircongress.org between 1 March - 30 May 2022. For further information and the previous events, please visit: www.mulkiyeircongress.org


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Themes of the Congress:


• International Peace and Security

• Transatlantic Relations

• Structure of the Alliance

• Relations among Allies

• NATO and the Great Powers

• International Organizations

• Peace Corps Missions

• NATO's Foreign Relations

• Enlargement of NATO

• NATO’s Area of Responsibility

• Withdrawal from NATO

• Security and Non-Security Threats

• Technological Development and Security

• Nuclear Sharing and Deterrence

• International Terrorism

• Non-State Actors

• NATO and the Cold War

• Strategic Concept and NATO in the 21st Century

• Turkish Foreign Policy and NATO

• Turkish-Greek Relations

• Cyprus Issue

• The Eastern Mediterranean Crisis

• NATO in the Cultural Domain

* These sub-themes are expected to be considered based on the main idea of the congress. Abstracts written on different themes related to the title and scope of the congress will also be evaluated.