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Mülkiye International Relations Congress IV
The End of Globalization?

15-16 October 2020






The 4th of the “Mülkiye International Relations Congresses” will be held on 15-16 October 2020, organized by the Department of International Relations of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University. The title of this year’s congress has been determined as “The End of Globalization?”.


Along with the dissolution of Eastern Bloc, disintegration of Soviet Union, the end of Cold War, acceleration of integration movements and strengthening of neoliberal trends, globalization has profoundly affected societies, political systems and even individuals. The relations between the societies have begun to intertwine beyond the areas of sovereignty as well in this economic, political systematic transformation. Hence many problems such as economic crisis, migration, terrorism and unfair distribution of income has gained a global character in this period, tendencies to seek global solutions to these problems have been strengthened, and global governance has been perceived as an inevitable development. On the other hand, we have been observing a series of developments in recent years that threaten the globalization process: New rising barriers to free trade, political developments reinforcing state and state sovereignty, radicalized and sharpened political leaders and political movements. Our congress aims to address globalization with these new challenges. The issues facing the world political and economic system will be discussed during the congress and future assessments can be put forward in this context. Global system, global actors and state interaction will be discussed all over in this critical process. We aspire to examine the crisis of globalization as a multi-actor and multidimensional subject from different perspectives of various disciplines at the 4th Mülkiye International Relations Congress.


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If you are interested in submitting a presentation or panel in one of the themes below, please send your abstract (min. 700 - max. 1000 words) to info@mulkiyeircongress.org between 6 January - 30 April 2020. You can find all updated information about the Congress on www.mulkiyeircongress.org.


Themes of the Congress:


• States in the face of globalization

• Populism and political radicalism

• Globalization theories

• Multi-national companies and global order

• Gender and globalization

• Migration and Immigrants

• Globalization and historiography

• Crisis of global governance

• Neoliberal debates

• Anti-globalization movements

• Terrorism and political violence

• Global finance

• War of media, communication and discourse

• World trade order

• Hegemonya ve Hegemonik Güçler

• Hegemony and hegemonic powers

• Regionalism and regional powers

• Regionalism theories

• Regionalism and military alliances

• Debates on new imperialism

• Culture, identity, post-modernism, post-globalization

These sub-themes are expected to be considered on the basis of the main idea of the congress.